1 Introduction

All information compiled here becomes a content of the Design Brief you create with our tool. The fields represent questions designers ask to understand about founders and their company. Empowered with this knowledge they can deliver successful solutions, and in an appropriate resolution well aligned with the stage of the company – from concept sketch to production ready data. Download Design Brief Sample for more information.

2 Describe Your Use Case

Playing with our User Observation Tool will help with answering these questions.

Think carefully, who the user and who the customer of your product is, and if they are the same person or entity, or not. User benefits from a value of a business, but somebody else pays for it. Parents pay for school tuitions, but their children benefit from the education. Parents are the customers and their children are the users. In case of Zappos, the user and the customer are the same person. The person, who benefits from the large shoe selection, convenient online shopping and hassle free returns, also pays to Zappos for the value of Zappos business.

3 Describe Your Market

4 Describe Your Company

Playing with our Messaging Tool will help with answering these questions.

5 Describe Your Preferred Engagement with Designer