Black Design demystifies the design process for early stage startups. We translate relevant design know-how to free actionable tools for founders.

The design process transforms business ideas into successful products. Design brings together what people want with what is possible and affordable. Design is a broad discipline, but the tools here specifically focus on what is most useful to early-stage startup founders. All these tools point to the user. They grew out of hundreds of hours advising startups, mostly from Y Combinator.

In matter of minutes you – the startup founder – will be prepared to: conduct a meaningful user observation, engage in product design, and communicate value of your business.

Black Design Tools are provided as a public service. Therefore, Black Design Tools are free of charge. Your data is kept private and secure, and will never be disclosed or sold to third parties.

Design tools for early stage startup founders:

Tool for validation of product demand. Create your custom User Observation Plan.
Tool for concise articulation of what, how and for whom. Compose your messaging and validate it on typical applications.
Tool for layout of short pitch. Use our guided template to get to practicing your pitching in minutes.
Tool for engagement with designers & description of product context. Create your custom Design Brief in less than 10 minutes.
Tool for identification of product function and supportive features. Define your MVP character in less than 10 minutes.